Esport Betting



Here you can see a list of the most common eSport betting expressions and phrases. We did a good job and explained every one of them so that you can understand it more efficiently.


Underdog: It is a team or a player that has small chances to win, but it has excellent betting odds.


Bad beat: It refers to a bet that is lost, but should have been won, the bettor was confident that the team he picked was going to win, a bet on small odds that was lost.


Accumulator bets: A bet which is placed on more selections 3, 4+, and it is a win if all choices are won. It is also known as parlay in the United States.


Banker bets: It is a secure bet in a system, for example, you place four teams in an order 2/4, but a banker bet outside of a system, the banker bet has to win for the system to even qualify. Most bettors use this to boost their potential winnings.


Best of: There is Best of 1, best of 3, best of 5 and best of 7 or even higher. This is an eSports format where the winner of the match is decided in best of something. An  Example would be Team1 vs Team2 Bo3 match if a score is 2-0 or 2-1 the winner is Team1, same goes for the second team if the score is in their favor.


Value bet: It is a bet which outcome has more chances to win since bettors use strategies and tricks that help them predict which team has the advantage to win.


Tournament winner: Same as in Football (soccer), you pick one team that you think will win the upcoming tournament. The odds here are very high.


Stake: An XY amount that is wagered on a specific bet.


SMKB also known as “Score Most Kills Bet”: This is a bet where you can bet which team will score most kills, this can be a whole match bet or just a bet on one map.


Betting edge: Similar to Value bet, but here the bettor has an advantage over the bookmaker. Knowing something meaningful that will affect one team to lose or win, having good knowledge on the performance of a team and their form, having a system that can exploit the margins.


Betting bonus: Special offer from bookmakers to bettors that offers them extra cash to increase their winnings. You can see this at most of the betting sites, sign in and get $20 bonus for your first bet etc.


Bitcoin Betting: Some of the betting sites offer only betting on Cryptocurrencies instead of traditional currencies.


Bookie: A person that creates odds, and works for the betting site/company.


Punter: You, me, everybody who places bets. In the United States, the word used is bettor.


Pay-Out: This is the amount of money that you receive for a winning bet/wager.


Next kill bet: Mostly used in live matches, it is a bet on which of the teams is going to score the next kill in the game. This is a good bet for people who love action and excitement.